Rustenstore Will Go

Posted on Sep 7, 2021

Last weekend, I was thinking about rustenstore and I realized that I was blocked in this project. Not because it is especialy difficult, not because I have no time to give to it. But because of Rust.

I think rust is an amazing language. It is fast, memory efficient, safe, … But it is very difficult to use. I have read The Book from cover to cover, I have spend time exercising and climbing the steep learning curve but every time I quit toy project and examples, I am lost. I spend my time copy pasting part of codes that I don’t really understand. I try using Tokio but understand nothing about it. This is annoying. Annoying because if I can’t explain I can’t maintain. And I want to maintain Rustenstore.

Maybe I am a morron. Maybe I am stupid. But I don’t want to manage a project like this.

Does it signify that the project is dead ? Hell no ! But I will change its programming language to use Go.

Golang is much simpler. There is way less constructs in the language. There is usualy one and only one way to make something and to a make it good. This is not as fast, not as safe but it is maintainable and understandable.

So, as the programming language changes, Rustenstore is not an appropriate name anymore. This project will then be renamed Chronos. Chronos because :

  • It stores all the events since the beginning of time
  • I want it to be fast
  • I find it fun

Will I provide guidelines to change from Rustenstore to Chronos ? No. Why ?

  • No one use rustenstore
  • It has never worked
  • No one knowns that it exists

Note that all my previous articles about rustenstore stays valid ! I will keep the same ideas to implement Chronos. I will just use another language.